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Our girls and boys of the cafe got an apartment allotment!

We are very pleased to announce that last month an apartment was allotted to the boys and girls of the project. This dream is coming true thanks to the collaboration of all our sponsors, volunteers who have carried out fundraising initiatives, and the customers of the café as thanks to all of them, we have been able to complete the first payments. Our boys and girls are working hard to make their dream come true, and they are very happy and grateful to all the contributors as they have finally been able to collect the tittle of future homes.

 Would you like to help our girls and boys? We still need help!

- Join our sponsors team, by donating 15$ a month.

- If you live in Spain, organise a conference. Amin will arrive to Barcelona on the 20th of April, and he will be giving conferences free of cost to libraries, town councils, high schools, universities, cultural centres... where he will share his testimony as a street child, and his live journey until he started "Bombay To Barcelona Library Cafe", a library cafe for former street boys and girls. The only requirement is to be allowed to sell the book to anyone interested from the audience. Fill out the volunteer form and explain us where and when you would like to organise a conference.

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